With a total amount of about two million tonnes, Italy provides 30% of EU-15 apple production, and 20% of EU-27 apple production. In 2010, the country achieved the first place in European apple production before Poland, who lost top spot due to bad weather conditions. Anyway, a large part of Polish produce is destined to be processed, and although the current varieties on offer are in the process of being updated, a lot of it is still not in demand on the international market. In other words, for many years Italy holds top spot in the fresh apple market. Its produce is of the highest quality, highly regarded not only in Europe but across the world, from North America to the Far East, from Russia to the Middle East, and from North Africa to South America.
Slightly less than 70% of the apples produced in Italy, or about 1.5 million tonnes, come from South Tyrol and the Trentino region, which are areas that are capable of expressing a very wide range of varieties and great quality, with four commercial organisations that control almost the entire production: VOG and VI.P in South Tyrol, Melinda and La Trentina in Trentino. The second most important productive area, with almost 200 thousand tonnes, is the Veneto, which is specialised in the Golden Delicious, Morgenduft, Gala and Granny Smith varieties. With 200 thousand and 147 thousand tonnes, respectively, these two areas are followed by Piedmont, where the red varieties dominate the market (Red Delicious, Red Chief and Gala) and Emilia Romagna, which is a plains area that is particularly well suited to the emerging varieties, such as Fuji, Pink Lady or Modì. The most widely produced varieties in Italy are also the ones that are in highest demand on the market: Golden Delicious, Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith.