15/12/2014 -

As usual, the seasonal production final figures are available in mid-December. The Assomela Marketing Committee analysed the situation at provincial and regional level.



The apple volume produced is 2,460,005 tons, with a 14,3% increase over the 2013.

Overall, the expectations for a record productive season are confirmed: pollination and setting are favoured by a mild spring and a cool and rainy summer, which has helped fruits grow regularly and gradually.

The final quality of the fruit is particularly high both in terms of taste and colour, favoured by positive climatic conditions and cool night-time temperatures during harvesting. The whole volume produced has been regularly stored and it has excellent conditions for a long-term conservation.

The European Community production too is high and is about 11,900,000 tons, even though some data are to be confirmed.


On December 1, 2014 Italian “dessert apples” stocks are 1,595,713 tons and have increased by 14 higher when compared with the same date in the previous year. At Community level stocks during the same period are about 5,000,000 tons, with a 12% increase over the data registered on December 1, 2013.


556,672 tons have been sold since the beginning of the sales season, with a significant increase (+23%) of 105,765 tons compared to the same period in 2013.
 Gala group has registered a 180,793 tons sale since the beginning of the season, compared to 152,073 tons sold in the previous year. This record level allows to recover a large part of the availability increase compared to the previous year. Good sales volumes has been registered also for Red delicious with 64,388 tons on December 01, 2014 versus 40,544 tons in 2013, for Fuji with 34,272 tons sold compared to 29,505 tons in 2013 (+16%) and for Golden delicious which shows a sales volume of 165,872 tons and an increase of 30,082 tons (+22%) compared to 2013.
 Granny Smith too breaks a sales record with 39,215 tons in the actual season versus 18,600 in the same period last year (+99%).
 At Community level too, sales volumes as of December 01 are extremely high, more than 200,000 tons (+75%) since the beginning of the sales campaign.

Trends and expectations

The actual market situation is though and still affected by an oversupply that burdens on marketing evaluations, and apple average values surely lower than the production cost. Sales trends are very interesting, high both at varietal level and in various countries of the European Community with a positive domestic consumption and good results in term of exportation. Fruits offered by operators who are less organized and not so well-equipped with storage facilities are gradually decreasing. As for some varieties, such as Gala and Fuji which are more and more regularly available, there are signs of price recovery. If selling pace will proceed with the same growth, the additional product volume compared to 2013 could be absorbed during spring, leading apple offer and availability to the same level of, if not even lower than, previous years. All these factors allow to express proper valuations for a market gradual recovery during the marketing season.

Assomela is the Association of Italian Apple Producers’ Organizations (POs), representing 80% of the national apple production. Assomela brings together VOG (Marlene), VI.P and VOG Products of the province of Bolzano, Melinda and La Trentina of the province of Trento, COZ and Nord Est of the Veneto region, Melapiù of the Emilia Romagna region, Rivoira and Lagnasco of the Piedmont region and Melavì of the Lombardy region.