05/02/2013 -

In Emilia-Romagna the first trademark of the Italian top-quality pear has been established. Nine companies representative of the production and trade of the pear made in Italy – Unacoa / Salvi, Spreafico, Granfrutta Zani, Naturitalia, Patfrut, Orogel Fresco, Pempacorer, Opera and Bergonzoni – have joined the consortium PeraItalia to promote world-wide consumption of the Italian quality pear, and from the Emilia-Romagna region in particular. An unprecedented alliance between production, organization and marketing to meet the protagonists of the international market with a single strong brand that represents about 100,000 tons of fresh market pears. PeraItalia becomes the first Italian company in the sector of pears accounting for about 12% of the total national production and more than 25% of the total production of Abate Fetel, the finest quality. As president of PeraItalia was named Luciano Torreggiani (Patfrut) and vice president Mauro Grossi (Unacoa).



From left, Mauro Grossi, Tiberio Rabboni, Department of Agriculture of the Region of Emilia-Romagna, and Luciano Torreggiani, at the first Board of Directors of PeraItalia on 28 January 2013.


PeraItalia was created with the strategic objective of adding value to producers through the innovation of the pear on the market. It works particularly through innovation in packaging and product communication, the supply of new concepts of product / service in line with the latest trends in international demand; an organizational and commercial alliance between the companies that can deal with the international markets on an innovative marketing strategy. The philosophy of PeraItalia boils down to: maximize efficiency and reduce costs. The project includes a start-up of 3 years, in which the costs of operation of the facility will be reduced to a minimum, so that the coordination of the Consortium will be guaranteed by the representatives of the companies at no cost: no salaries to be paid. At the end of this first period, we will consider whether to continue the project with the future organizational structure. PeraItalia will offer a new line of pear that associated enterprises will introduce in their offer range, marketing it by common rules.


PeraItalia may, depending on the market / customers, manage sales in a centralized way or entrust it to individual members. The Trade Committee shall, in accordance with the Board, from time to time decide which choice to make. The warranty on the product quality to customers will be assured by both standard production and trade sectors, defined by the Technical and quality Committee, and the presence of a quality control system that applies very restrictive standards to all lots of PeraItalia before placing them on the market. The market approach of PeraItalia® will be global and differentiated by market area. Starting next year, we will carry out the first commercial product tests on a number of European and non-EU markets. The channel of reference of PeraItalia® is the modern international distribution with which they will experience innovative forms of system sales and promotional communication. The introduction on the market will be progressive, with the creation of partnerships to create value throughout the supply chain of pear, from production to retail.




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